Thursday, October 27, 2011

Not Much Going On At The Gaither's

We haven't been doing much these last few weeks due to rainy weather so I don't have any pictures to share of our adventures :( 

We are however getting ready for Aaron's deployment at the beginning of December and ending in June.  He will be going to Japan and do a turn over with the LDO there and then go out on the ship in Jan or Feb.  Since he will be there for Christmas, Blake and I are going to make the trip to Iwakuni so that we can be together for the holiday!  It won't be too eventful since he is technically on deployment and will be working everyday but he will be able to take off sometime and Blake and I will explore the base! 

Speaking of Christmas I have been told that I will be able to get the DSLR camera I have been wanting for a long time... I just had to work my way there first :)  I have been weighing my options and have decided upon the Nikon D5100

or the Canon Rebel T3i

I haven't decided which I want yet.  I do know that I will get the one I decide on at Best Buy b/c with our credit card we get "Thank You" points which I can get gift cards with.  So I will have over $400 to put towards my new baby :)  I have been researching these like CRAZY and I think it is driving Aaron CRAZY b/c it's so far away, and that's true but it'll be here before I know it and I want to make sure I get the one I want :)

We are also getting ready for Thanksgiving as well!  We are going to be having it with our friends and neighbors.  I am doing dressing, dumplings, lemon merange (sp) pie, and mashed taters.  They are doing the fried turkey, ham, punkin pie, sweetcorn, and possibly other stuff after we decide everything we want.  OH and of course brown and serve rolls.... my favorite!!

An update on Blake and his school.... he is loving it!  Not sure if I wrote about his very, VERY rough first day but it was bad, real bad!  Then he loved it after that first day but wasn't really playing and interacting with classmates but now he is comes home talking about everyone he played with that day and can name all of his friends!  So proud of our BIG boy!!  

In other Blake news which is a big deal for us but may seem minor to others... he now sleeps without rails on his bed, he sleeps with a pillow and without socks.  He takes change extremely hard so we have just let him make those calls when he was ready although we have asked him about all of the above throughout the last 2 years but he was never "ready".  We now have a big boy on our hands, now we are working on reading and riding his real bike with training wheels :) 

Last week I went to the Big Navy base and they had rope lighting on sale so I had to buy some (that stuffs expensive) for our canopy/tarp!  I will have to take pictures of it sometime and post them but I haven't gotten around to doing that yet.  It looks/feels relaxing in our backyard now since there's no need for the patio lights and then all of the plants, tiki torches and lighting... aaaaahhhhhh :) 

This weekend we are going to be going on our date night on Saturday... not sure where or what we are going to do yet but I know food and dessert is on my "to do list", Gelato to be exact :) I LOVE that place!!!

Well until next time... TTFN