Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 25-27th

Day 25~ Breakfast 
I don't have a picture for this day b/c I haven't had breakfast in a while so I can't take a picture!

Day 26~ Key

Day 27~ Your Name

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 19-24th

Day 19~ Funny

Day 20~ Before & After

Day 21~ Delicious 

Day 22~ Kitchen Sink

Day 23~ Moon

Day 24~ An Animal

I will post the rest of my catch up pictures in a few days!

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hair Pictures For Aaron

I hate bathroom pictures but that seems to be the best lighting other than outside but I can't take pictures of myself out there with my good camera!

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Blake at Tarague Beach

So these are some pictures that I took of Blake at our Beach here on base.  They aren't perfect but I think he's a cutie so my lack of skill and props is made up by my subject!  Here is the link for my Facebook album with all of the pictures.
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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Possible Blake/Family Photo Shoot

I have been thinking about taking Blake down to the beach if nice clothes so that I can take some pictures of him but more professional not beach wear if ya know what I mean!  I am also thinking about getting a tripod so that I can take our family pictures while I'm at it.  Not that i need it any time soon since Aaron is deployed but I think it would save money in the long run to invest in this and possibly a remote.  

Aaron has mentioned having professional picture done when he gets home for all of us but I think I could do it myself if I had the right stuff and it would be cheaper and GREAT practice for my people picture taking skills which I would love to start doing eventually!!  If need be we can pay to have someone do it... if mine don't turn out good.  We shall see :) 

I would like to take Blake within the next few days so I will post pictures from that once I get them home and play around with them!!!

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

What's Up

     Yes I know I've been slacking and it's because have really been up to nothing.  We go to the BX here on our base, we have been down to Big Navy a few times to go to the NEX there and we go to the Commissary for groceries.  That's about it... I know it's so very exciting but it's our life :)

     I think it was last weekend Blake and I went out to dinner just the two of us and it was good.  We went to Outback Steakhouse, then we finished our date off the traditional way with Gelato.... so yummy!  If I miss anything about this island that will be it!  

     A few weeks ago we also went to Blake's little twin girlfriends birthday party down at Big Navy at one of the beach pavilions there.  He was a crab most of the time but got better after he ate and calmed down.  


I didn't take a ton of pictures since I was to busy trying to keep Blake occupied.  Of course he does things like that when daddy's not around :)

I have also been getting ready for my friend Courtney's visit here in May.  I have knocked out the only things I really need to do for her visit which is get the passes for both bases' Commissaries and Exchanges.  I still have to pick the one up from Navy but it is ready and I will be going next week to get it.  Now all I have to do is go get her and go to the pass and ID office to get her pass for our base, which I think I am going to have to wait till I have her in tow for that... not sure why since I have everything she will have but whatever.  Another reason the Airforce sucks :/

I have also come to the conclusion that Mr. Miyagi's technique for waxing SUCKS.  I wash my car every few weeks here to prevent rusting and decay on my car and every time I do I use spray wax that is AWESOME and much less time consuming than real wax from a can.  Only problem is my options are limited in this kind of wax so I have settled and this kind was still leaving water spots that were like a purple hue and I was thinking that this was going to damage my car so I went out and bought the good old fashion can of wax.  Well today I sprayed my car off (I washed it a few days ago and crap waxed it) then towel dried it off.  Then instead of just doing a part of my car I do the WHOLE thing and wait for it to dry.  Well I go to buff it off and it ain't comin' I mean I about cried just thinking I was going to have to do all of this by hand.  I was soooo tempted to stop and go check the Auto shop for the drill attachment for buffing right then (but I was just there and didn't see one).  So needless to say I spent almost 3 stupid hours this morning getting that crap off and I will NEVER do it again unless I have a buffer.  I will say it looks brand new though... but so not worth it :)  Mr. Miyagi apparently has never waxed anything because it's not the simple wax on, wax off... it's the weird positions, the extra umph, and muscle power that got that crap off my car.  Never again, never ever again!

On a more happy note, we are half way through with this deployment.  Aaron/daddy will be home in 3 months, on June 15th-ish.  You never know about the military so I'm not getting my hopes up till he's boarded the plane and it's taken off!  But we are finally over the hump and are on the down hill now :)  He is out to sea at the moment but will be pulling in shortly for good so we will be able to Skype again soon.

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Day 16-18

Day 16~ Sunglasses

Day 17~ Green

(for Patty's Day except I didn't remember it was nor did I wear anything green)

Day 18~ A Corner Of Your Home

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day 12-15

Day 12~ Fork

Day 13~ A Sign

Day 14~ Clouds

Day 15~ Car (clean I might add)
Ain't it purty :)

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 10 & 11

Day 10~ Loud
Sorry, this is a picture from a video... I can't seem to upload the video.  My mom's Macaw and he is oh so LOUD! 

Day 11~ Someone You Talked To Today
Okay not only did I talk to him today he was the only person I talked to :)  No, I did Skype with my mother in law!

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 8 and Day 9

A little late but better late than never...

Day 8~ Window
My favorite view from the house... my relaxing paradise retreat :)

Day 9~ Red
Thai Chilli from my garden!

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Health Revelation

I look on Pinterest at least once a day and have come across fruit and veggies smoothies a lot lately and decided to replace one if not two meals a day with them.  Well after I "pinned" a few I got an email from Aaron about the Paleo Diet, which gets you back to the paleolithic era when eating (I know sounds weird but read the link and it'll all make since).  Aaron thought I should try this out but it consist of no dairy, noodles, rice or bread.  You know all the good stuff that I love and thought/think I can't live without :)  Then I thought, "I can do this "diet" with my smoothies and be a okay", so that's what I'm gonna do!!

So tonight I went shopping and this is what I bought...

Along with some flax seeds!

So I made my first "meal"!!  A smoothie with...
a handful of spinach
a small handful of steamed broccoli
coconut milk
flax seed
a banana
frozen mixture of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, & cherries
filtered water
and a small amount of pineapple juice (both of these for the blending process)

Sounds gross right well it was fantastic.  I was a little worried about the spinach but I couldn't taste it at all but it was good and Blake even liked it.  Of course he doesn't know all the ingredients except for those he likes :)

Till next time