Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cry Session

At the most unlikely times and in the most unlikely places...

I went to pick Blake up for school this morning and there is a group of us that talk while we wait for our kids.  There is this lady that has a daughter in Bake's class and she also has a 1 yr old.  Well were all standing there and she walk up and puts the little girl down and she bursts into tears and not just any tears, you would have thought it was an older girl by the sounds of it.  Her mom picks her up and says she didn't think she was feeling well.  A few moments later she sets her down again and she starts crying and is looking at one of the dads with his little girl (about 11 months old).  She runs over and clings to his legs and won't let go all the while crying her little eyes out.  He then picks her up and she lays her head on his shoulder!  What's wrong with her, her daddy got deployed about 2 weeks ago :*(  Her mom said she has been doing that to men since her daddy left.   

Needless to say ALL of the women there were in tears, including myself.  It was just too sweet and sad all at the same time.  She sees that daddy hasn't come home even as a 1 yr old and she doesn't understand it.

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