Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Possible Blake/Family Photo Shoot

I have been thinking about taking Blake down to the beach if nice clothes so that I can take some pictures of him but more professional not beach wear if ya know what I mean!  I am also thinking about getting a tripod so that I can take our family pictures while I'm at it.  Not that i need it any time soon since Aaron is deployed but I think it would save money in the long run to invest in this and possibly a remote.  

Aaron has mentioned having professional picture done when he gets home for all of us but I think I could do it myself if I had the right stuff and it would be cheaper and GREAT practice for my people picture taking skills which I would love to start doing eventually!!  If need be we can pay to have someone do it... if mine don't turn out good.  We shall see :) 

I would like to take Blake within the next few days so I will post pictures from that once I get them home and play around with them!!!

Till next time...


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