Monday, July 29, 2013


I know it's been a while and I always say I'll do better about writing and it never happens... I apologize :)

Anywho, what's been happening around here lately... let's see my mother in law cam to veisit for a week and a half.  we had loads of fun and did a ton of Guam stuff much of that included spending our days in the sun!  We went snorkling multiple times which Sue said she could do all day.  We also had Blake's 6th birthday party while she was here, all the kids had fun and were worn out by the end of it... mission complete!!

I'm not sure if I have written this or not but Aaron is getting deployed again in Dec (5 months before we are suppose to leave) and Blake and I were suppose to go to Iwakuni to visit him for Christmas well his Officer in Charge has decided to go to Okinawa sometime before the ship leaves but he doesn't know when. So this leaves me hangin' with no way of knowing whether we could come visit so I asked Aaron if Blake and I could leave early like before he leaves for deployment :)  So that seems to be the plan as of now.  This is the military and things happen (case in point) but as long as we get our orders before the end of Dec or around then, (which I'm pretty sure we will) then we are outta here... thank goodness!!!!  I am soooo tired of being sick, the crappy selection of food at the commisary, everything is expensive here and there nothing to do here!!  Blake and I had a talk about this today just to see where he stood b/c I would be taking him out of school mid-year and changing him to a school in Jax and for those of you that know him he has a history for HATING change... like big time.  This time not so much I asked if he would like to go home and be with his Mimi and Grandad for Christmas or did he want to stay here and hope that we made it to Japan.  He chose the obvious answer :)  I gave him the low down and he said he would love it... so fingers crossed we get orders in time :)  So let the count down begin... 4 months!!

So if that pans out I have to start down sizing our stuff and getting ready to move and pack out!  We will probably be in Jax for around 3 months without any of our stuff but it'll be worth it... can't wait!