Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cleaning Up

My cell phone that is....  While getting a picture off of my cell phone for my last Blog I realized I had a ton of pics that I could share :)

We ended up detouring while we were out on Sunday since the pet store wasn't open and we had like 15 minutes to spare!  These pics were taken at the remains of the old Spanish Governors Mansion.  Pretty neat, I just wish I had my real camera and not my cell phone!

These were taken at a memorial across the street from the Mansion!  The picture of the caves was a cave system from WWII for the Japanese.  They served as shelter from bombs... we didn't walk through them, they were muddy on one end and the other side (not pictured) had trash and a small bag like someone was living in there :/

These pictures are from Blake's Thanksgiving Potluck from this morning!

Our little Indian :)  He such a big boy!
Till next time TTFN :)

Crafting Project

A Camera Strap Cover to be exact :)  I know I am a little early since I don't have my camera yet but I will be getting it within a month and I have to make it my own.... right! 
These are some pictures that I took while doing it!

These are the two fabrics I am going to make my straps out of... eventually the red!

Sewn the pocket on and one long seam with added padding!

Flipped over to show lens pocket

 Both ends have a hem which attached the padding AKA strip of old T-Shirt... I didn't have the fleece that was needed.  Not sure I could even find it here on the lovely island of Guam.

Finished product!  I'm so impressed with my self, I think it turned out good and will totally be sporting it!

On my point and shoot! Obviously too big but I had to try it out ;)

I got the tutorial from LBG Studio!!  I will probably try something a little different next time but I think I am going to wait till I actually have my camera in hand.  I was thinking of doing two different fabrics one for the front and a different one on the back!