Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Crafting Project

A Camera Strap Cover to be exact :)  I know I am a little early since I don't have my camera yet but I will be getting it within a month and I have to make it my own.... right! 
These are some pictures that I took while doing it!

These are the two fabrics I am going to make my straps out of... eventually the red!

Sewn the pocket on and one long seam with added padding!

Flipped over to show lens pocket

 Both ends have a hem which attached the padding AKA strip of old T-Shirt... I didn't have the fleece that was needed.  Not sure I could even find it here on the lovely island of Guam.

Finished product!  I'm so impressed with my self, I think it turned out good and will totally be sporting it!

On my point and shoot! Obviously too big but I had to try it out ;)

I got the tutorial from LBG Studio!!  I will probably try something a little different next time but I think I am going to wait till I actually have my camera in hand.  I was thinking of doing two different fabrics one for the front and a different one on the back!


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