Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Count Down Begins

Well now that it's October I think it's safe to say that we will be outta here soon.  We are still hoping our orders get here in December... or January.  

We have been talking about it a lot lately and it finally hit me that everything from here on out will be our "lasts" on Guam as a family.  With Aaron leaving for deployment on December 2nd everything we do from here on out will be our last.... thank goodness :)  Although I love Aaron and will miss him so very much leaving this island can't come soon enough.  We have about a month and a half till my furry babies leave me... tear, and then about 2 months till Aaron leaves us, and then hopefully 3 months till we leave!!!

Aaron brought up something I was curious about with our pack out, he is going to have a friend of his come to the house and help me out with it... in other words he is going to be in charge of making sure everything gets written down on the house hold goods list AND that everything makes it in the crates.  Many ppl here have issues with things not being marked and then placed in the cab of the truck.  Not to mention the movers taking things in their pockets, so needless too say I am happy that he will have somewhere here!

I have been looking up furniture for the living room so when we get there I will have an idea of where I need to go b/c apparently leather furniture... real leather furniture can only be purchased in a few places.


Other than the usual we haven't been up to anything since well, there is nothing to do here... just dreaming of home :)