Sunday, February 26, 2012

I'm Finally Free

Acne free that is and soooo happy about it!!
If this doesn't interest you don't have to read but this is something that has been a nuisance for me since middle/high school and I am so happy to not have to worry about it anymore.  

I have had regular acne since late middle school and high school which was caused by stress and anxiety, and my little gift from mother nature (ladies you know what I'm talking about and men now you know what I'm talking about) and was somewhat treatable but I still had it and it bothered me even though I didn't show it!!  As I got older and out of school it became a bigger problem and more frequent since growing up means more stress and anxiety :)  It started as a few weeks a month then getting to where I was perfectly clear for just days within a month.  I dealt with it and just thought that that was me and that's the way it had to be.  I tried everything from natural soaps and gels to regular over the counter stuff you can find at Wal-Mart or Target nothing really, really helped.  My at home Dr. AKA my husband Aaron was even looking things up on the internet to figure it out... nothing seemed to help :(  Then one day he told me he ordered me something to try to see if it would help... Proactiv!!  I was a little iffy about it since it is pretty expensive but I thought "I'll give it a try", all the while hoping it would help but also hoping it wouldn't b/c of the price.  Knowing I would pay the $60 every 3 months if it did help!  It took some time and I hit a bump AKA Aaron leaving for deployment = BIG time stress and anxiety, but I am acne free FINALLY!!  (even the scars are going away... YAY!)  If there is anyone that reads this and has acne I definitely recommend Proactiv.  I am happy to say that my 1 month supply lasted me like 2 1/2 months so it's not as pricey which I am happy about :)

With my clear skin and new do, I feel like a "new" me.  I am obviously more confident (ppl that don't have acne wouldn't get it) with the way I look and I think it shows!!  Not that I was ever depressed and didn't "like" myself b/c that's not the case at all but I'm just happy with the way I look and not dreading whether ppl are staring at my face!  

Since I am a "new" me I have gone and bought new clothes to go with it!!  I don't know, I guess I never really wanted ppl looking at me and standing out and clothes can cause that (I still don't like attention and I don't think that will EVER change).  But any-who I have been buying nice/pretty/trendy clothes as apposed to my cotton tanks and shorts that I have been buying and wearing for years and years!  Sorry babe it's costly but I feel and look great!!

Sorry I don't have before and after pics but we all know what acne looks like and lets face it having acne doesn't make you want to jump to have picture taken of you so you'll just have to imagine or remember what I looked like before and picture the "after" ;)

Till next time!!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Parent's Visit 2012

My parent's visit was awesome at least it was GREAT to see and hang out with them and of course Blake was so excited to have them here :)  I was told not to plan anything and that they didn't need to stay busy the whole time so that's what I did.  Although it's kinda hard to plan anything when there's not too much to do as it is.  The island is small with little options and lots of beaches so that's what we ended up doing a lot.  The car stayed loaded with beach and snorkel gear at all times!

I don't remember what days we did what so you'll have to bear with me...  we went to Jeff's Pirate Cove for lunch one day, to the NEX and St. Loui beach on Big Navy a few times, a beach down in Tumon bay, our beach on Andersen a few times, the tide pools on Andersen, we also went to Ross's and Wendy's (fancy I know), Hardrock for lunch, the Gelato place a couple of times, and one day we just drove around the island and stopped at any place that tickled our fancy :)  

Here are some pics from the whole week (tear)...


I haven't seen him smile like this in a while.  He missed his Mimi and Grandad :)


For some reason I can't get the pics to space right sorry!

These are just a fraction of the pictures taken while they were here and the others can be seen here.

Time to unload~ Although they were here for a week and a half it just wasn't long enough for Blake and I, we were both very sad to see them go.  Monday came to soon and before I knew it it was time to go to bed and say our good byes (I have never understood why they are called "good" byes, they aren't "good" and I hate them).  What made it worse is that although I hope they come again for another visit that may not happen so it'll be a little over 2 year before I see them again and I am thinking not only of myself but Blake just loves them so and it saddens me that he won't see them till we go back.  It's times like these that really make me miss home (Florida) and ask myself why we had to come all the way over here (even though staying stateside wasn't an option)... it really makes me HATE Guam :/  If all three of us could come to the states for an extended period of time that would be awesome but I don't think it's possible :*( 

I do want to say thank you guys for coming here and I really do hope you come back (but next time we can all be prepared and go on the hikes and things that we weren't able to do this time).  Blake and I loved having you around, even if it was only for a week and a half :)  We love you both!!

  Till next time


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Just a Tease

For those that actually follow this and keep up with the Gaither's.... I have been super busy these last few weeks with my parents arrival and for their visit, so needless to say I am slackin' but for good reason!  

We had a great time together and I am so sorry sad it came and went so quickly :*(  Even more so since I may not see them till we make our way back to the states in a little over 2 years... sniffle, sniffle.  I did take lots of pics and when I get a chance to actually right the blog about the visit I will share some of them!   

I plan on writing that in the next few days.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Not up to too much the last week (since my haircut)!  Although I am still in love with it and love how easy it is (always a plus)  :)

Since I've been running 5 days a week my legs have gone through a transformation... they got bigger in the beginning due to muscle gain, then they have been getting skinnier!  I was hoping that maybe I would get those long, lean runners muscles (I say long but being 5'3" they can't be too long) and it seems I am on my way there.  That's the good news but my shorts weren't fitting right anymore so I have been on the look out for new shorts for some time now.  You'd think that summer clothes would be here year round.... WRONG... we got winter clothes here the same time all of you stateside ppl did, but we had bathing suits!  Makes no sense I know.  Anywho, I went to the BX today and found some shorts that I love and they fit perfectly, even though they were more than I would have paid in the states but I don't really have any options here so... I did it, along with some tops.  I girls gotta have shirts to go with the shorts.... right?!?!?  

I have also been wanting some flats and have tried them on at the BX and just could never spend the money on any but today I broke down and bought some!!

They have the look of burlap and I think they are so cute!  They also had a pair of leather ones too that were oh so cute as well but I would be scared to wear them here since it rains out of no where and when it rains it normally pours and they would get soaked.

I have also been taking pics with my camera, here a few of my favorites...

For those that are friends with me on Facebook, all of the pictures are on there in the "New Camera" album!

I am also soooo excited for this Friday!   My mom and dad will be here really late Friday night, better late than never right :)  I can't wait to have them here for a visit, they haven't been to our house since we were in Jacksonville!  Should be fun :)

Anywho, until next next!


Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Do

My last blog I wrote about getting my hair cut and I also said that I post a picture of my new "Do" so here it is...

The picture really doesn't do the highlights justice the horrible florescent lighting makes it look orange but I promise it's blonde!  Surprisingly I loved it from the beginning and by that I mean I didn't have to "get used to it", it just seemed to fit right away!  This made me realize that I should have done this a loooonnggg time ago!  It feels great to be able to blow dry it and not have to put it up during the day, since I'm not wearing a fur coat!!  I can't put it up in a hair tie but that was my point, lets be honest if could I would in a heart beat so I decided to cut it too short to go up :)