Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Not up to too much the last week (since my haircut)!  Although I am still in love with it and love how easy it is (always a plus)  :)

Since I've been running 5 days a week my legs have gone through a transformation... they got bigger in the beginning due to muscle gain, then they have been getting skinnier!  I was hoping that maybe I would get those long, lean runners muscles (I say long but being 5'3" they can't be too long) and it seems I am on my way there.  That's the good news but my shorts weren't fitting right anymore so I have been on the look out for new shorts for some time now.  You'd think that summer clothes would be here year round.... WRONG... we got winter clothes here the same time all of you stateside ppl did, but we had bathing suits!  Makes no sense I know.  Anywho, I went to the BX today and found some shorts that I love and they fit perfectly, even though they were more than I would have paid in the states but I don't really have any options here so... I did it, along with some tops.  I girls gotta have shirts to go with the shorts.... right?!?!?  

I have also been wanting some flats and have tried them on at the BX and just could never spend the money on any but today I broke down and bought some!!

They have the look of burlap and I think they are so cute!  They also had a pair of leather ones too that were oh so cute as well but I would be scared to wear them here since it rains out of no where and when it rains it normally pours and they would get soaked.

I have also been taking pics with my camera, here a few of my favorites...

For those that are friends with me on Facebook, all of the pictures are on there in the "New Camera" album!

I am also soooo excited for this Friday!   My mom and dad will be here really late Friday night, better late than never right :)  I can't wait to have them here for a visit, they haven't been to our house since we were in Jacksonville!  Should be fun :)

Anywho, until next next!


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