Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Little Update

Posts on here are pretty few and far between I apologize!

What's been going on lately... we are going to North GA on Nov 8th-11th with some of our really great friends from Guam and really they were more like family, our Guam Family.  They left the rock 2 weeks after we did and live in TN so we are meeting them up there to stay in this cabin for the weekend!!  Should be a blast for all... 4 adults and 4 kids!  Blake and their 3 kids have known each other for 3 years and became very close and it was really sad to say good-bye but it made it easier to tell everyone that we would see each other in a few months (we knew we were going to have a GA apple season trip probably the beginning of the year and we invited them before we all left Guam).  I'll post pictures of our trip once they are uploaded.

As soon as we get home we are moving AGAIN into a house on base.  We went and looked at it today and I think it'll be perfect for us and especially Blake.  Where we live now there is only one family with 2 kids that play so he is going a little crazy.  The drive to take Blake to school can take anywhere from 15-45 minutes depending on traffic but from base he can either take the bus or it's about 10 minutes if that to drive him... Score!

So since being back stateside I have applied for so many jobs/places I can't keep track but with the hours I need, no one is hiring.  Aaron and I have said/agreed that Blake comes first so my hours HAVE to be around his school.  Earlier this week my mom sent me an email with a job opportunity that was to good to pass up!!  I will be working for her boss, from home doing searches that are critical for the law offices that I will be helping with.  This is perfect for me since I can work from home and in my own time (for the most part) so that I can be here for Blake.  Everyone involved is excited for the change since it is very time consuming for them and I will have something to do again and get paid to do it!!!  I go Monday to the local office here in Jacksonville to learn how and what I am suppose to be doing and I am excited.  I just hope I live up to the expectations that are set for me especially since my mom is involved...  I always take pride in anything I do but this just adds more pressure.    

A while ago while we were still in Guam I wrote a post about my baby girl needing surgery for her neck/spine, well I am happy to report that she had it in done July and is doing fabulous!  Surgery was on a Thursday and she was home on Sunday.  Friday when the surgery center let her out to potty she was dragging them.  I really didn't expect the surgery to fix the issues with her walking, running and instability since the issue has been ongoing for 9 years (we just didn't find out about it till 2 years ago).  So my thought was that the nerve damage was done and that at least in that regard she wouldn't get better that the surgery would just stop the trama to her spinal cord.... boys was I wrong!  She is running and playing like crazy and can bend her knee and elbow joints better than ever and isn't in any pain.  Fast forward 3 months, I took them in for their annual and to get their teeth cleaned and while Lilli was there for her teeth cleaning the Dr noticed a lump that wasn't there the week prior at the pre-op, they did testing and they thought is was a Mass T Cell tumor (cancer tumor)... insert very sad face.  We decided to have it removed and that happened 2 weeks later, and it did turn out to be cancerous but the least aggressive kind.  So with all things considered this was the very best I could hope for, they were able to remove all the cancer cells in that spot so now we just have to keep an eye out for other lumps that may pop up in the future.  Even with all the craziness she is still my happy baby girl.... she just HATES going bye bye in the car since she has ended up at the vet one too many times lately!