Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Camera Play

So I finally got my new camera in the mail a few days ago and got a chance to play around with it last night and today.  So I thought I'd share some of my pictures...

Do you think dogs smile....
 Mine do!

Look at my handsome little man!



I can't tell ya how happy and excited I am to have my camera.  I still have a lot to learn but LOVE it nonetheless!!  I will take suggestions if anyone has any :)
Anywho, we haven't really been up to too much the last week.  Glora's (my backyard neighbor) husband has been off island since late last week so we have been busy going places and trying "new to us" restaurants.  One night we went to Outback and no it's not new but restaurants can be very unpredictable here so we haven't been to it but we were pleasantly surprised.  Both of us agreed that it was obviously the best meal we have had on island and 2 it was the best Outback meal we have ever had at any Outback!!  We also went to a little hole in the wall Mexican place called Caliente, it would be compared to your stateside mom and pop Mexican restaurant and pretty darn good!  So we have found 2 "new" places to eat here on this tiny island!!

Not sure if I wrote a blog about it but since moving here I have been thinking of cutting my hair off and when I say off I mean to the point of not being able to put it up in a ponytail cause let me be honest that's the only way I wear it here since it's sooo hot and humid and I can't stand to have my hair stick to me so up it goes even if I blow dry and straighten it!  Oh, I have also been thinking about highlights done by a professional.  So tomorrow (Wednesday) my great hair stylist, Julia is coming over tomorrow to do just that!!  Here are a few pictures of what I have in mind...

This cut with these highlights.  For some reason the site isn't showing a picture so click the link to see the highlight picture!

I am really excited to have something new!  I haven't had my hair this short or with bangs since 5th grade and I am almost 26 so you do the math!  Since then I have had long layers or long, all the same length, so needless to say I am in need of change like years ago :)  I will have a blog of my up dated "do"!!

Until next time....


Saturday, January 21, 2012


Yes, yes, my new addiction (thanks to my lovely neighbor) is the Andersen Officer's Spouse Club Gift Shop!  This place is AWESOME especially for home decor which is a really bad thing for me :) We have a love, hate relationship!  The things in the shop are from all over the pacific Vietnam, Korea, Bali, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Thailand.  The officer's spouses travel and buy things and fly them back and sell them!  My favorite countries tend to be Bali and Thailand. 

I went on Thursday evening and bought a few things that I decide I had to have....
My bee-u-tiful mirror
This picture sooo does not do it justice :)
ewww so does not look dirt till the flash

These actually show the detail

the mirror is in between light green curtains which make the mirror even prettier :)

Now for my wine rack serving bar
Well my wine rack, the vase,  and the plate with balls.  I was actually going to put the mirror over the bar/rack but decided it looked nice and tropical like this.  Now I just need 9 more bottles to fill it, but that can wait till Aaron comes home.

Needless to say I am smitten by my purchase!!!  Although now I have a new addiction that cost money but it's such great stuff I can't help it :) 

Okay Aaron the cats outta the bag....  That's how/why I got rid of the wine rack.... but isn't this MUCH nicer ;)  Love you!!!

Anywho, other than my shopping spree I haven't been up to much lately.  I did however buy my camera which I have NOT received yet.  It was suppose to get here on the 16th but EVERYTHING runs about a week late here so Best Buy said that if I haven't received it by this Monday to call and they would either send me a new one or refund my money.  So I will have them resend me it and have them express mail it or UPS it even if I have to pay the difference it will be worth it to KNOW I'll get it!

Right after I ordered my camera I ordered a backpack for it and my lenses, etc.  This is the one a choose since we are going to be traveling around and we go on hikes and stuff where I bring my camera.  This bag has a pocket which fits snacks, keys, wallet, etc. and a water bottle holder.  Now I just NEED my CAMERA so I can use both!

Last week we had had Blake's friends from school over for lunch and a play date.  All of the kids 6 in all had a blast and were to busy to make play doh which was in the plan but it'll have to wait till next time!  This next Tuesday we are all going to go either Jeff's Pirate Cove or Caliente's for lunch after school.... should be fun!!

February 10th can't come soon enough... my parents are coming and I can't WAIT!!!! 
Anywho, until next time...


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Playing Catch Up

I don't really have much to blog about since the last one!  

Last week I guess it was Friday we went with our neighbors to a small water park called Onward, so that all of the boys could play and burn some energy for the day and that they did.  We went to the ticket office here on base and then got to the park at about 11:30 and we were there till 4:30 that afternoon.  Although Blake told me he was ready to go home he never made it out of the pool he was in!  The two 4 yr olds had a blast in the kiddie pool and lazy river and Cory found some friends from school that he ran around with all day so us mommies got to relax in the sun and watch the 4 yr olds, great day in my book :) and to top it off they got along great all day!!

New Years Eve and New Years Day were just another day in the Gaither household.  I know boring right, but when you have a 4 yr old and your husbands deployed, mommy want her relax/quiet time on the couch with a movie, wine and maybe some popcorn ;) 

Movies~ I have been watching them a lot lately after Blake goes to bed.  My favorite that I watched 2 nights in a row "Leap Year", if you haven't seen it you should really watch it.  A love story/comedy and very cute! I don't really laugh at many movies unless someone gets hurt (ask my parents or Aaron and they atest to that) but this one has my laughing.  I also bought "Crazy Stupid Love" which was pretty too not Leap Year good but good nonetheless but it has Ryan Gosling in it which makes any movie better!  I have been looking for any other good movies that are worth buying so if you have any suggestions please let me know.
I also have been looking at cameras AGAIN like crazy and finally bit the bullet and bought one today!  The Nikon D5100 with the Nikkor 55-300mm lens which I bought from Best Buy and saved $400 dollars with my gift cards I got a while ago!  I am going to be selling my Canon so it won't hurt the bank to much in the end :)  This camera was a Christmas gift/birthday gift from Aaron!  Thanks babe you are the best :)

In other news today was Blake's first day back to school since Christmas break and boy did mommy need it!  I mean I love my little man and all but having him around all day everyday can wear ya down esp since he has been a little crab lately.  All is good now and he even had a nap for the first time in  I mean days although it feels like weeks!

Over the last few weeks I have had some GREAT news from one of my friends from high school and my parents... I'm going to be having some visitors in the next 4 months!!!!  My parents will be here February 9th-21st and Courtney will be here May 9th-16th needless to say I am beside myself with excitement!  I absolutely can't wait to see both my parents and Courtney.... now to figure out what do to. I have a few things up my sleeve for when my parents are here some to keep my dad busy, he may go home nuts from not go-go-going all the time :)  To my parents and Courtney thank you so much for not only talking about coming but planning a trip out here, I know it's pricey but I promise it'll be fun and so worth it!

I think that is all for now :)