Saturday, January 21, 2012


Yes, yes, my new addiction (thanks to my lovely neighbor) is the Andersen Officer's Spouse Club Gift Shop!  This place is AWESOME especially for home decor which is a really bad thing for me :) We have a love, hate relationship!  The things in the shop are from all over the pacific Vietnam, Korea, Bali, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Thailand.  The officer's spouses travel and buy things and fly them back and sell them!  My favorite countries tend to be Bali and Thailand. 

I went on Thursday evening and bought a few things that I decide I had to have....
My bee-u-tiful mirror
This picture sooo does not do it justice :)
ewww so does not look dirt till the flash

These actually show the detail

the mirror is in between light green curtains which make the mirror even prettier :)

Now for my wine rack serving bar
Well my wine rack, the vase,  and the plate with balls.  I was actually going to put the mirror over the bar/rack but decided it looked nice and tropical like this.  Now I just need 9 more bottles to fill it, but that can wait till Aaron comes home.

Needless to say I am smitten by my purchase!!!  Although now I have a new addiction that cost money but it's such great stuff I can't help it :) 

Okay Aaron the cats outta the bag....  That's how/why I got rid of the wine rack.... but isn't this MUCH nicer ;)  Love you!!!

Anywho, other than my shopping spree I haven't been up to much lately.  I did however buy my camera which I have NOT received yet.  It was suppose to get here on the 16th but EVERYTHING runs about a week late here so Best Buy said that if I haven't received it by this Monday to call and they would either send me a new one or refund my money.  So I will have them resend me it and have them express mail it or UPS it even if I have to pay the difference it will be worth it to KNOW I'll get it!

Right after I ordered my camera I ordered a backpack for it and my lenses, etc.  This is the one a choose since we are going to be traveling around and we go on hikes and stuff where I bring my camera.  This bag has a pocket which fits snacks, keys, wallet, etc. and a water bottle holder.  Now I just NEED my CAMERA so I can use both!

Last week we had had Blake's friends from school over for lunch and a play date.  All of the kids 6 in all had a blast and were to busy to make play doh which was in the plan but it'll have to wait till next time!  This next Tuesday we are all going to go either Jeff's Pirate Cove or Caliente's for lunch after school.... should be fun!!

February 10th can't come soon enough... my parents are coming and I can't WAIT!!!! 
Anywho, until next time...


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