Thursday, September 15, 2011

What I've Been Up To

The last time I wrote I said I would write about what I've been up to so here it is....

My flower beds.  I didn't get a chance  think about taking pictures as I was going along so you get to see the aftermath of my crazy digging, planting, weeding, weed blocking, mulching, and rock boardering= a lot of work, time and effort :)  As you can see in the pictures I have white rock across the back up against the house.  I did this b/c my weed block wasn't quite wide enough to fill the space and my mulch was going to end up getting under the block so to serve 2 purposes I went to the vacant house connected to our neighbors and cleaned out the white rocks from the front flower bed (that had no plants).  I know it's not much now but I am hoping it will fill in soon.  But I also can't complain about it since I didn't buy any of these plants b/c my neighbor and I raided empty houses for them and for hers. 

Had plants all the way across then decide we needed stepping stones here

Flowers from a bush in progress

Now for the back flower bed.  I didn't really change anything back here except for moving the mulch away from house in this picture so I could put white rock up against there.  When it rains which it does here a lot it hits about in the center of these rocks so it was moving my mulch all around before but not now :)

Everything is filling in nicely

These next pictures are from my neighbors house.  They have really pretty orchids hanging on their canopy area and they are so pretty!

This one they have rooted into the coconut tree

Now for the grill we recently bought.  It's a Weber and therefore fairly pricey but we think worth the extra.  We did lots of readign on the internet about the grill available to us here and the other options were all Char Broil which are nice "looking" and cheaper but based on the reviews they rust very easily even when wiped down regularly and cleaned.  So we opted for the more expensive great reviewed Weber Spirit!  So far we love it!  I am a charcoal grill person I love the flavor from the charcoal briquets and lighter fluid but we weren't using those we were using lump charcoal and a chimney so there was no taste benefits to that and it took FOREVER to get hot so gas it was!

I have also been getting back into running again which I love!  Now that I take Blake to school and drop him off at 7:45 I run around our neighborhood and then home.  Don't get me wrong I love my little man but it is nice to have that time while I'm running for just me and then on occasion when Aaron comes with me!  I have missed it but now I don't have an excuse since it won't get cold nor too hot for it here :)

That's all for now!

Till next time...


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