Sunday, May 12, 2013


Well this weekend was like all the rest which means we didn't really do anything.  This is what our Saturday morning talk sounds like...
Aaron- "what do you want to do today"
Me- "there's not much to do... same crap different day... pools, beaches, golf, bowling"
Aaron- "so what do you want to do"
Me or Aaron- "Blake do you want to go to the pool, go golfing or bowling, or go to the beach"
Blake- gives his answer and we normally end up doing it

For the most part this happens every Saturday and Sunday unless of course we have something planned with friends ahead of time which usually means we are going to the beach.

Friday we decided to go to a restaurant that we have heard good things about, Meskla Dos, it's suppose to have great burgers and BBQ well we apperently don't have the same taste in food as some of our friends and most others on the island.  So we ordered 2 things, Blake was going to split with me.  Aaron paid and noticed the man took his money and then turned around and put together a burger no gloves, nothing.  The other man was glove-less as well gross right :/  Well we got our food and Aaron decide to try his burger.... can we say salty, to the point where he took 1 bite and couldn't eat anymore, his fries were the same way.  We have never gone to a restaurant and ordered food and turned around and walked out without eating.  So we ended up at another place that we like and then had Gelato for dessert!  If you're a regular reader you know that's my fav!!  Although I was sad they didn't have mint :( it was still good!

Saturday we hung out around the house and did nothing really.

Sunday we drove down to the Navy base and went to the pool.  Blake had a blast as usual!

With all of this said we are sooooo ready to be home again with the endless options of things to do!  Jacksonville, FL has it all and we can not wait to be back :) I think we talk about things we look forward to about being back stateside daily and it just makes me excited thinking about it... even though it is right at a year away before we turn over the house!  I keep telling myself that it'll go by quickly but I'm not so sure.


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