Monday, February 3, 2014


not what we expected but okay nonetheless!
We found out about a week ago that we probably won't be getting our orders until March or April and to be honest I was a little relieved and bummed at the same time.  I wanted to go home to just be HOME but the move will be less stressful this way b/c everything is spread out and I won't be rushed.  I was however a little sad that my baby girl won't get the surgery she needs until we PCS (move on military orders).  A few days after getting this news Aaron surprised me with "x" amount of money to take a trip home to visit family and get off this rock! 

So this is our plan...
March April- ship off Household goods
March 24th-April 17th- stateside trip to TX and FL.. YAY YAY YAY
beginning of May- Aaron comes home from deployment
Beginning of June- we PCS

The plan is I will do the HHG (household goods) shipment whenever we get orders, alone which will take upwards of 3 months to get to Jacksonville, FL (our next duty station) and I will also ship off my car at the same time.  This will get both our HHG and my car there about June-ish.  We will arrive probably the second week of June and find a house unpack, pick up my car in Orlando, go finish the details on Aaron's new ride at the dealership and then @ the end of June I think we are going to drive to TX for our annual July 4th hang out session with the Longview crew!!  Although plans change especially being attached to the military Blake and my tickets are bought and Aaron has to be checked out of Guam in June there's not too much that will happen to hamper our plan this time around!

Anywho, we are very excited to be going home and spending time with both our TX and FL family for a month... it'll break up the time so these last few months don't drrraaaaggg by :)  I am ready for some good food, good company and maybe a teeny bit of shopping (you stateside people have no idea as too how lucky you are at all the options you have). 

Since family is about the only people who read this we will see you all very soon :)   


  1. boo! but I can totally relate to the shopping options!!!

    1. Yes a little disappointed but you can't hold your breath when the military is involved (things change at the drop of a hat). I bet you can, seeing your video of your ride to work reminded me of Guam in the older areas!!