Sunday, June 19, 2011

Island Time

In Guam! 

Since posting my first and only post there has a been a lot of changes in our family.  The biggest being... my husband, Aaron being pinned as an officer in the Navy and  our move to Guam!  

Sounds easy right.... in a way it was we didn't have to pack our home or buy our tickets to the lovely island but we did however have to live out of a suitcase for almost 3 months, and be away from daddy and husband for the majority of those months, on the flip side Blake and I got to spend lots of time in Florida with my parents and we all had a short visit in Texas with the rest of the family and our new nephew/cousin Luke!

Luke Aaron
(taken in the hospital)

So happy we were able to him and everyone else before we left the states.  Scary but he will be my Blake's age when we are able to get back and visit again :(
Anywho, after lots of visiting with family we were taken to the airport for our very long flight to Guam... 23 hours to be exact!  We were a little leery about it since we are a family of three with an almost 4 yr old... things were not in our favor.  But it turns out all the trips as a little guy paid off, Blake was excellent the WHOLE trip... I mean no fits, attitudes, nothing we ALL even got a nap the last 6-7 hours of the flight... go us!!  It did however take about 5 days to get completely back to normal seeing as how we are 14 hours ahead of EST.

Getting here was half the battle because we still had a ton of stuff to do once we arrived and well we were new here so we were figuring everything out along the way!  Just a short to-do-list consisted of...

1. Going to housing to get our home (hoping they would have one available)
2. Picking up my car and getting everything for it so that I could drive it on the island and the bases
3. Getting cell phones, cable & internet (the later 2 after we got our home)
4. Getting Aaron a decent vehicle
5. The most exciting for me was bringing my pups home, after we got our house of course
6. get our home and household goods delivered and unpacked

Oh I could go on and on!!

As of now we have done all of the above and much more!
Now for the here and now... for those that know me know I LOVE being outside and love all things nature and plants and flowers so seeing as in how I had a blank slate of a back yard I couldn't resist!  I had to buy plants and make our house a home (in my book) ;) It needed some greenery and hey plants will never die here due to the perfect weather year round :)

Our next project is going to be putting an awning (not sure spelling) on the back patio so that we can buy some nice comfy furniture to put back there so that we can enjoy the great weather and so that I can enjoy these even if its raining (which it does so quite often)!!

Beautiful Sunset

We are all settled in our home and really enjoying the island and all that living here means!  We intend to make the most of our time here... so until next time


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