Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Whole New Patio

In my last post I wrote about us getting an awning... well I say awning but really it a tarp with some metal supports!  I never would have imagined spending $400 on a tarp but let me tell you it was one of the BEST investments we have EVER bought.  No it's not hot here, a high of 86 and heat index of 90 but with being on the equator the sun is intense.  So we broke down and made a whole new room on our back patio!!  

The whole thing is 15ft x 20ft... and was in pieces when we brought it home.  An afternoon later and Walla!!!

Since I took these we have an outside couch under there and are looking into getting a outdoor dining set (pictures to come when we get it all together)!

I have also been adding to my flower beds back here also which I will take pictures of a little later... I must say it is looking pretty good!!

This weekend we took a trip... haha 5 minute drive to our GORGEOUS beach here on base!

Beautiful right!!

 Playing with photo editor!

Crab shell!!

Not sure what we are going to do tomorrow but I'm sure it'll be interesting!!


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