Thursday, December 22, 2011


You never know when your kids are truly listening and really understand and get the seriousness of what you say sometimes but I'm sure glad Blake paid attention with the Stranger talks we have.

We went to Wendy's with our friends today and while Glora, Joseph and I were standing in line to order Cory, age 9, and Blake went to find a seat.  Well a minute later Blake comes back to me and said "mommy a guy was talking to me", I said "what man and what did he say", he said he told me to come sit over here".  At about that time Cory comes over and I ask him if a man talked to them and what he said, Cory says "He said Victor come sit over here".  Crisis averted and some man will walk away unscathed :)

I am so proud of Blake for being such a big boy and not talking to him and coming straight to me.  Yes the man was not talking to him but Blake still remembered what to do and what we have talked about so many times.

I know it's silly since it was a false alarm but it is a wake up call.  So please talk to your kids about strangers cause you never know when they are listening :)  


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