Friday, December 16, 2011

What's Up

I know I have been slacking and I apologize!  We have been busy the last few weeks with random stuff but not really anything in particular.  An uncle had a suggestion that I give updates a few times a week and then have a major blog every once in a while so I think that's what I'll start doing from now on!  That way at least our stateside family will be able to keep up with us... even if it's not much :)

So back to it...
If you remember I made a camera strap cover a few blogs ago, well I wanted to make some more so I went to our crap spectacular craft store to get some more fabric so that I could make some more.  I asked my friend next door if her daughter might like some since she love photography too (she said yes) so that way I get practice and I get to make someone happy :) So I made her 2 and one for me but want to get my camera before I make my other one!  Here are some pictures... 
the patch work one both ends and the back with the pocket

The dual fabric and patch work~ front


I really like both and hope Tiffany likes them too!  I guess they are going to be a part of her Christmas gift but not sure.
Last weekend we went to Aaron's squadron for the kids Christmas party.  Santa flew in on a helo and there were games and prizes to be had and if the kids sat on his lap they got a present.  Blake didn't really do much and he wasn't interested in the present saying, "Mommy I can wait till Christmas for a present", so we left.  Here are some pictures I took of the helo flying in...

On Wednesday was Blake's Winter Wonderland Program at school.  He had fun although I think he was in lala land most of the time so it was hard to get a video of him really singing and dancing although I'll include a few videos anyways!
Christmas on Guam

 All week in school Blake has been doing holiday arts and craft stuff and he brought them home today and I thought I'd share his craftiness!

 I said we had been busy for the past few weeks and we have... we've been getting Aaron ready for his deployment.  He left last Friday and will be home in June!  We have been staying busy and I think that will continue.  Starting today Blake has Christmas break from school for 2 weeks, my parents will hopefully be coming to visit early next year... YAY, spring break, and then in May one of my great friends is coming for a visit... see you then Courtney, I can't wait :)  Busy busy!  Although we miss Daddy/hubby we will be staying busy and having a good time waiting for him to come home :)

That's all for now but I will try my hardest to stick to my bi-weekly (at least) post!!

Until next time :)


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