Monday, April 9, 2012

Around these parts

We haven't really been doing much of anything lately but for the sake of our stateside family I'll fill you in on what little we have been doing!

Well this week is spring break for Blake so I have been planning things for us to do while he is off.  We went to the base pool a few times last week with some of the Pre-k kids and moms.  Blake had a great time and met a few news friends :)  We are going to go Underwater World on Wednesday with one of his new friends and his little girl friends.  We plan on doing lunch and Gelato of course... I can't go down in Tumon without it ;)  

We are also going to go to the Hyatt and get an Annual Oasis Membership which is for the beach and pools they have there.  The pools on the bases are so strict that it's not even fun to go to really, I mean you walk and they blow their darn whistle at you, no joke!!  So I talked Aaron into getting it and we 20% off of the restaurants in the hotel which I have heard are awesome.

This weekend was Easter... duh, and we died some eggs on Saturday for the Easter bunny to hide for Sunday.  Well since daddy/Aaron isn't home it made hiding the eggs a little difficult hoping he wouldn't see me.  I was going to hide them Saturday evening but I didn't want something to eat them through the night and then Blake being heartbroken on Sunday morning.  So I had to hide them Sunday morning, after he woke up since beating him awake isn't gonna happen so I did it and he was able to still believe in the Easter Bunny :)  

I have snapped some pictures that last few days too so here are a few...

 He finally figured out how to swing himself

Playing with his action figure Transformers, such a boy!!


Ain't she cute :) 
Here is the Facebook link to most of them, except for the ones I just put on my computer.

Till Next Time...


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