Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Long Time No Talk

Yes I know it's been a while and I am slacking but we still haven't been up to much.  Our normal running around and shopping.  

We are getting ready for my friend Courtney to come for a visit, she gets here Wednesday (Tuesday for all of you stateside people).  We have some things in mind to do while she is here and I plan on making the most of it for her since this is her first BIG travel and it just so happens that she graduated FSU this past month!  Congrats... again :)  I think we are going to go do Atlantis Submarine, beaches, snorkel (if she feels up for it), food (her vacays revolve around trying new places to eat), the Hyatt pool, a possible Polynesian show and will probably walk around the exchanges and drive around the island to site see!  We will be busy but it'll be fun!!  My neighbor has offered to watch Blake so we can have adult time (this mommy NEEDS is, I have had a rough few weeks).

After Courtney leaves Blake and I are planning to go to Iwakuni, Japan for 10 days (The 17th or 18th-27th) to hang out with Aaron for a little while and explore that area of Japan... mind as well take advantage of being over here right!  We well be coming home around the 27th and then Aaron will get home on the 15th of July (well at least as of now).  So we are looking forward to that as well!

We were suppose to go to one of Blake's friends birthday party last Saturday and well we made it to the front door and friend of mine answered and Blake took off running to the car.  Needless to say we didn't end up staying for the party which look really fun if you were a girl, I mean Barbie even made an appearance :)

 If you are on Facebook you probably saw that one of my fur babies had to go to the vet.  She swallowed a piece of a jerky treat and acted a little funny afterwards, well we woke up on Saturday morning and she was in a lot of pain, she was moaning and wouldn't lay down, she didn't want to walk around, I felt terrible.  I called multiple ER vets... they were crap and it took FOREVER for them to get back to me.  Finally one called and told me to give her pepto pills and if it didn't get better to bring her to a vet.  Well, maybe it was me and I was over reacting but I honestly didn't think she was going to make it through the night.  I had both of the furry babies in my room just in case she made a noise or something, well it didn't last long and about 2 hrs later they were both put in their crate in the living room.  Monday came and she was still with me but still in pain so I called the vet on base with no luck.  No appts till Friday, so I called another and got her in that morning... thank goodness!    She came home a few hours later with an anti-inflamatory, a laxative, and pain meds, she had Dr.s order to poop before the next morning or she had to come back for IV treatment.  Before lunch we had a poop-er!!  So traumatic to say the least.

Well that's about it for now... I told we haven't been up to anything!

Till next time...



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