Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Courtney's Visit

A friend from high school came to visit Blake and I this past week, the 9th-16th!  I think we both agree that it was a great time.  She arrived in the evening on...

~ Wednesday so we came home and it was bed time
~ Thursday we drove around the island and ate at Jeff's Pirate Cove
~ Friday was Tarague Beach day (on Andersen)
~ Saturday we waited for the cable guy then Courtney and I went shopping :)
~ Sunday we had Mother's Day brunch here on base with the neighbors (YUM) and hung around the    house for some much needed chill time
~ Monday we went to the Hyatt pool 
~ Tuesday we went out with a BANG and did the Atlantis Submarine tour and was really cool.  Well worth the $$$$
 ~ Wednesday we aren't there yet since it is only Tuesday evening but I am taking her to the airport a little after 9am for her 12 o'clock flight

Over all it was a great time and a great way to break up the time for Blake and I since daddy/Aaron is gone. 

On another note, Aaron made it to Iwakuni, Japan on Sunday so I bought mine and Blake's plane tickets to go for visit.  Although it was not as long as originally planned 7 days instead of 10 (no non stop flight home on the 27th) we will enjoy being with daddy/hubby for a while and being able to experience the area.  I will def. have my camera (it's already charged and ready to go) with me so I will post pictures during or after our trip.  

Aaron's new EDA is the 18th of June instead of the 15th that way they have more time off than just the weekend :) We are very excited for the end to be insight now... only 4 weeks now and 1 of those we will be with him :) 

I am posting a separate picture post b/c for some reason Blogger freezes when I try to post it.

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