Saturday, November 3, 2012


I know I am very very behind on my post and you'll have to forgive me b/c I am not going to back track but start fresh :)  

So today we were invited to go down to one of the bee-u-tiful beaches and go diving with a few of our friends.  So this AM we woke up and got ready packing the cooler, our dive gear, sand toys, and a few other things and we were on the road.  We stopped by and rented an umbrella with picnic tables, then went by the dive shop to get our tanks... we were set!  

Here are some pictures from both of our dives at GabGab 1 that we have been on!

My babe

Us in our SEXY suits!!

Our spot for the day! (not sure who the girl is)

Blake and 1, yes 1, of his girls

I was crossing my fingers and toes that my sinuses would cooperate with me for today.  I started getting very congested on Halloween night and it is STILL here but I was able to knock a few (okay maybe more than a few) Ibuprofen and Decongestants.  Even when getting into the water I wasn't 100% sure I would be able to do it but after getting out and down I was okay and could clear my ears!  I did however have lots of pressure in my head but I was good (oh and I came up with a bloody nose).  Once we turned around and was heading back (I had 1500 psi left in my tank) I was getting very light and started to float upward (not a good thing when you are 67 ft down).   My dive buddies had to hold onto me to keep me from ascending (thank Lisa and Aaron)... so lesson learned I need more weight... like double it probably!  I am also oh so happy that we invested in wetsuits since last weekend.  I would have froze my butt off today. 

We had a blast and will hopefully make this a regular thing!  We normally have our neighbor watch Blake but we really like having him around but obviously we can't both dive and have him so this was perfect we had 3 families down there so we broke up into 2 groups and went out separately since there were 4 small kids and 2 older kids between all of us.  Blake was beyond ready for bed tonight since had had been playing with his girls all day long! 

Anywho, Lisa (one of my dive buddies for today) and I are going diving on Wednesday this week!  I can't wait!!     

Tomorrow we are going to the Hyatt for a day at the pool!  Lisa's crew may be coming to hang with us... again (we haven't seen each other in ages :)



  1. glad to have you back! I love that you can dive!!

    1. I have been missing it but too busy to write! Diving has been amazing :)