Friday, January 11, 2013

Around these Parts

There has been a lot of outdoors activities going on around our house lately.  Aaron has been off since the weekend after Christmas and Blake has been out of school and returned on Monday so we have had lots of time to hang out and be a family. 

We've been on this tiny island for almost 2 years and Aaron still hasn't been driving around on the south end (he was deployed when have been so I guess he has an excuse).  It really is pretty down there and living here you really seem to forget how beautiful it is.

We went to some forts and parks so here are some pics from our adventures~ minus the ton that I can't seem to get off of a BRAND NEW SD card... Grrrr!

 Sirena Beach~ on base



Two Lovers Point

  Some Spanish Fort


Fish Eye~ don't mind my crazy hand :)

 Great Barracuda behind Aaron~ he was 4-5 ft long and about 9" tall 

Snorkel date at GabGab while Blake was in school


Flowers around our house

On to other stuff...  since we have been here I have been looking for a job and putting in applications like crazy for the school but nothing ever comes from them, since I am not transferring from one DoD school to another I don't have that preference :( I also put in for a job at the old dive shop that was on base (a lady we knew worked there and was leaving) but their contract was ending.... not luck again.  But then a new dive shop opened up and I put in an application and went in for an interview and left with this "I'm offering you a position but need to write up a schedule and I'll email you in about a week after we get our new system".... how cool is that :)  So I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping this comes through and I will get my shop t-shirt to make it official!  This would be the PERFECT job for me~ fun, dive related, learn new stuff about diving and equipment, and possibly get higher certifications for free, and I won't be bored throughout the day and it will work around Blake's school time!  I am really excited just waiting for that email :)

I just want to share a product that I heard about on Pinterest and fell in love with, it's OPI Nail Envy!  It makes your nails stronger and makes them rounded on the sides to keep the edges from cracking, breaking, and peeling which seems to be an issue with my nail.  I usually have to repaint my nails every few days and lightly file them down every time but not with this stuff, you put 2 coats on with forst application then 1 coat every other day for a week, then remove and start over~ it is absolutely great.  I am hard on my nails since I'm not a girly girl I work out in the yard and flower beds, do dishes by hand... all the fun stuff and my nails are still going strong after a week and a half :)   I got the original here but they also have a Matte formula as well!

That's a wrap!

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