Friday, March 29, 2013


As usual I have nothing exciting to write about from this lovely island of Guam except for the fact that we have ORDERS!!  Aaron finally got through to his detailer and we got NAS Jax in Jacksonville, FL and we are so so so soooo excited to be going home and to a place we loved :)  Only bad part about this is that we don't leave here until next June so we have a whole year left here instead of the 9 months or so that we wanted but you give a little take a little right?!?   

Oh and Blake is reading now which is awesome :)  We have a rewards chart written up so that every time he reads 5 books he get some kind of treat or goody, so tonight it's a Baskin Robbins kinda night!!  I think I am more excited than him cause their Cotton Candy ice cream is AMAZING!

This Saturday Aaron has to work but will be off on Monday so I took off so we could go dive (I'll hopefully have some good pics to post).... and get my frappe and go to lunch!  He laughs at me b/c I get so excited about restaurants, mind you we only go to like 3 different ones here (a Mexican, a Thai and a Indian) but there are really good and stuff I can't make or like Mexican is so time consuming to make home made that it's worth it to me to go out the others are just way better when we go eat out!

 This Sunday is Easter and there is a little boy in the house that just can't wait to see what goodies the Easter bunny brings him!  I always gather things to put in his basket b/c the store bought ones are either A) filled with candy which we don't really eat or B) filled with really really bad dollar store toys.  So needless to say I try to collect things to "build" my own so we know he'll enjoy everything.  We also ordered some organic candies that I think he'll really like :) 

Then the next week is Blake's spring break so he and I will both have off to play and drive each other a little crazy :)  It's just him and I around here when daddies at work b/c our neighbors moved away so his little friend is gone. 

I am working right now on getting the pictures from our dive with our friend up so hopefully (fingers crossed) I can get them off of her FB page!


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