Saturday, March 9, 2013


Just writing to give everyone a little update on what's been going on the Gaither household.... NOTHING!  I have been working 3 or 4 times a week and Aaron has worked the past 2 weeks straight so needless to say we have been busy.  

On the work note, I am really liking my job and have learned a lot.  My boss has left me there alone so I would say that's a good thing :)  Most of the time it's slow but when we have business it's a crowd.  It beats sitting at home on Pinterest... I mean internet!  At least my job pays right.

We are also in our window for picking orders which is SUPER exciting for me!  I so so so SO can't wait to get back home and be able to be with our families again.  Annnddd Florida is on the list this month 3 or 4 times :) which is our first choice!!  The only problem is, is that Aaron's detailer won't answer his phone nor email him back so we are playing the waiting game and I don't like it.  I am hoping that when we do hear from him it's an email saying we got the orders and we should expect them in a few months... that would be AWESOME!

off topic but something else I am excited about is our KING size bed that we got a few weeks ago.  Might I add that Aaron has been sleeping in the middle the past few nights and he's the one who didn't really care if we got one or not HA!  But really we really needed a new mattress since our older one was bowed and was a killer on our backs and I have always wanted a king size so we splurged and got something that would last and it just so happens to be BIG! :)  I'm in LOVE and hate having to get up in the AM.

There has been quite a few post where I have talked about our backyard neighbors as Blake calls them, the couple with 2 kids that lives behind us, well they are moving away in 2 weeks.  Which means I won't have my "Chatty Cathy" partner anymore and Blake will lose his best bud but I am told Blake will be fine b/c then he "will have their back patio to play on".... yea not sure how long that will be fun since Blake and Joseph play everyday for hours.  he's gonna be one bored kids till he gets used to it. 

We went diving about a month ago and our friend went down with us and well I would have some pictures but I didn't bring my camera b/c he brought his and his is fancy and takes great pics... well I still haven't gotten the pics from him so I will try to get them so I can post those.  We saw a few turtles and he got some great shots ad can't wait to see them!!  

Oh speaking of, we went to the beach today... shocking I know but we were at GabGab on Navy base and walked to the end and there is a small reef, it's really just rocks and pretty shallow well I was standing on this HUGE tire that was laying there (I think it came from the pier a little ways down) and I spotted a baby black tip reef shark :)  I told Aaron and Blake and they hopped up and then we saw 2... it was pretty cool, they were so cute (this coming from someone who is terrified of sharks).  They were probably 2 1/2 ft long.  I was kicking myself for not having my big camera or the underwater one but our plan was to go to the pool down there not the beach but it was closed.  I was so upset but it was pretty cool nonetheless!

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