Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New Toy

Okay maybe not a toy or anything that I actually can play with by any means but.... only the BEST blender EVER!!

Behold the Ninja!  Like I said before I love my Mocha Frappes and I had a Oster blender that was great but just didn't cut it when making mixed drinks or frappes.  They always came out frothy... like liquid on the bottom of the cup and foam on the top.  Well I saw this at the BX about a week ago and looked into them and thought that this would solve my problem.  Lo and behold my Blue Hawaiians are yummy and my Frappes are perfect!!!  

Another thing I am excited about is the Wal-Mart Family Mobile plan by T-Mobile now has SIMs cards for the iPhone 4... YAY!  This means I can keep my cell phone when I move back to the states and just take it to a Wal-Mart and have them insert and activate a plan for me as soon as I get stateside.


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  1. I'm surprised Apple doesn't make you buy a whole new phone.