Monday, September 9, 2013


Well Blake is back in school which means I got to go back to work through the week and no weekends :)  can we say YAY!!!  I also got a MUCH needed raise.  It feels great to be out of the house and doing something productive.  Weekends were terrible b/c we were so busy which means the day goes by quick right... not, not when you are writing the time every 10-15 minutes.  It reminds you that it's only 9am when you were thinking it was 12... awful!

We also haven't heard anything about orders although Aaron is going to try to call him this week.  Hopefully it's only 3 months till we are outta here.  Big thing right now for me is getting away so Blake and I can get over our sinus issues.  We both have been on and off for the past few months and it's getting old yet we still have a few months to go :/  The rainy season feels great but it's a killer on our sinus'.  As a matter of fact if I was still up in the air about leaving early this would do it for me.

Lastly, I'm told I have a slight addiction to Mocha Frappes, this may or may not be true but I will say that driving by Island Girl (an amazing local drive through coffee place) Monday, Wednesday and Fridays does NOT help, but it sure does taste good!  I think I may have a tiny problem when most coffee shops on island know me and know what I want... including what Aaron wants... does that mean he has a slight addiction too :)


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