Monday, August 19, 2013

Things I Miss

and look forward to having again :)  Ever since I decided to come home in December I/we have been talking about all the great stuff we have to look forward to!  Not that we haven't enjoyed our time here on Guam but it's just not the same as stateside living.  If anything living here has opened my and made me appreciate the little things about the great US of A!!  If you have never lived elsewhere then you have no idea what I'm talking about but know that you are lucky even when it comes to the small things.  So on to my list...

1.)  family like at least within flying distance and not a 24+ hr flight either more like 4-5... that will be awesome!
2.)  being able to go grocery shopping any day of the week (the commissary, the military grocery store, is closed on Monday and now Tuesdays)
3.)  having fresh produce even organic and not having to go from one end of the island to the other to complete my shopping list
4.)  along with the 2 & 3 not spending an arm and leg on groceries esp. the organic/gluten free kind :)
5.)  seasons... oh the coolness of Florida fall and spring.  Don't get my wrong having beach weather year round was great but I miss the cool days
6.)  being able to open the windows in the house on those cool days
7.)  Target, oh how I've missed you... like BIG time
8.)  Publix, oh how I've missed you too... like real BIG time
9.)  going out side and NOT sweating instantly
10.)  being able to wear pants and be comfy not burning up.  I miss those pant and sweat shirt days
11.)  having things to do on the weekends.  Island life sounds great right... not when you're trapped on that island and it's quite pricey to leave.  There's absolutely nothing to do here except the beaches and pools and don't get my wrong it's great but that's all there is here
12.)  having a house with room and a yard... won't that be great!! Being able to let the dogs out in a fenced in yard and play and be dogs without fear that another dog will come by and have lunch!
13.)  Getting Scrappy-Do home, she is allergic to the soil and grass here so she is itchy scratchy all the time to the point of losing hair
14.)  being able to talk to family whenever we want... phone calls get expensive
15.)  not being sick, since being here I have been sick 6 months out of the year and we have been here a little over 2 yrs, you do the math it = a miserable Jennifer
16.)  having options with anything and everything from restaurants, shopping, food, etc.
17.)  being able to shop online or have things shipped via mail and not having to worry whether it'll make to me... the PO workers are great at putting the wrong external box keys in the wrong PO boxes and then not everyone is honest
I'm sure there are many other things that I just can't think of at the moment but these are enough for me :) I am so excited to be going home!!   

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