Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Mind is Made Up!

So since my last post about Blake and I possibly moving to Jacksonville early I have decided that that is in fact exactly what we are going to do whether this means packing out by myself after Aaron leaves and house hunting on my own. 

Since talking about it with Blake and thinking about it ALL the time I think that it IS doable even on my own, I mean military spouses do it all the time so it can't be that hard and my family lives 3 hrs away if I really need something.  I also contacted the school district Blake will be going to and there is no time frame I have to get him back in school so that is helpful.  Not that I want to have him out for weeks and weeks but I have time to get things situated and I don't have to rush. (I am hoping we can leave in Dec that way we have time but it's not necessary... just gotta get those orders) 

My plan is to fly into Jax and get a rental car and drive to the base, get a hotel and much needed sleep, then the following day or that afternoon (flights normally get to the states from here in the AM) go look at houses and hopefully find "the one" within a few days.  Then set up and change all of my info to the address so I can get Blake into school ASAP.  Then after all of our Jax stuff is done we will go to Tallahassee and spend time with my family.  

The only down side to all of this is we will be without our house hold goods and my car for a little while.  We do however have some things in storage that we didn't bring here b/c our house is too small, so we have a bed and I will be packing either boxes to mail with sheets, towels, games, etc. or packing a few suit cases or both (probably the latter).  

So needless to say, I am soooo EXCITED about going home and having the house set up before Aaron gets home in the summer.  Aaron is a little UGH about it b/c we'll have these options when it comes to groceries and things to do and he'll be on the ship or Japan :)  I told him I could mail a box....  :)

Now that I have made up my mind I have to get our house ready for the pack out which includes painting over some colored paint that I painted a while back and selling stuff that we don't use or need anymore.  I will also be leaving my job in November probably depending on if we have our orders yet b/c my car is going to be shipped out ASAP!!

On another note we got Blake enrolled into Taekwando last night and he loves it so far.  Lots of stuff to remember but he'll do just fine once he gets the hang of it!


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