Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Kicks

So I have been looking at new running shoes lately but here in Guam we don't the options like Foot Locker or any other sports stores. 

I absolutely LOVED my Nike Free's they were so comfortable and airy and of course light weight but when I bought a new pair of shoes I went with the New Balance Minimus which were okay but the qaulity and comfort of the Frees just wasn't there.

 Photo from sporteluxe

Then came the new Nike Free Flyknit, I am really liking them.  They have everything that I loved about my other Free's but I can go with out socks and still have that sock feel :)  I'm weird about things getting in my shoes and being able to feel those things but I think the sock like tops will serve that purpose!  So, I will be once again upgrading my running shoes!!  

I am hoping once we get settled in our house in JAX that I will be able to run again on a normal basis!  I may even try to do a 5k or two!!  It is just WAY too hot here even early in the morning but I do still go to the gym but I really do miss running! (I can't believe I just said that)


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