Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Winter Shopping

haven't done that in a while... winter shopping that is and I am so excited to do so... I can't stand it!!  I haven't had to buy or worry about warm clothes in ohhh I don't know 2 1/2 yrs (in Dec).  But since Blake and I are going home in Dec/Jan we need warm clothes so while at the BX I noticed that they had some stuff in Blake's size, I got enough to get to Florida and not have to wash clothes or go out and buy stuff right away.  The BX gets winter clothes here during the "fall" and they don't last long so I jumped on it not knowing if they would have anything for him when I would really need it.  I don't really need anything except a jacket or sweatshirt and maybe a few long sleeve shirts.

I also bough an AWESOME carry on bag for the flight.  I normally have a backpack but when coming here it just seemed to be a lot of wasted pockets and bulk so when I saw this I knew I had to have it!!  I love Vera Bradley stuff and this is perfect for traveling (like all of her purses... super convenient with lots of pockets... VERY important) and NO wasted space... score!!!  Now I think I'm all ready to go... is it Dec yet?!?!

I think it's hitting Aaron that Dec will be here before he knows it b/c he started going through some of his stuff and making sure I am going to have everything I need paperwork and point of contact wise.  He also talked to a friend of his asking if he wouldn't mind taking care of his car while we are both gone.  I think we're on the same page now!!! I am sooo excited and ready for our new adventure  :) 

I had my plan as to my house hunting, cell phone getting, hotel and car reserving down then Aaron told me I wasn't allowed to go look at houses without my dad there...  I get it but it possibly ruined my plans a bit... Grrr!  Everything will still happen but hopefully it won't inconvenience my parents too much.

I also have an idea as too plans for Blake's spring break but that's another post... until I know when we are leaving.


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