Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Okay time for an update....

On our gas issue!  For the past 6 days or so we have been trying to get in touch with housing or/and Environmental Dept. I finally got in touch with housing and got an answer even though it was a crappy one.... our request was still in the Environmental Dept.  Well after that a guy from that Dept cam to our house to look at our A/C unit and told me that he was looking at our A/C so that maintenance could come and put an external intake on our unit.  Can we say YAY!!!  What this will do is take air from the outside hence clean fresh air and pump it into our house the air in our home will be clean!  It also will put pressure in the house and keep the radon from seeping up through the foundation :) 

So a wrap up of our radon numbers... we tested Blake room about a week and a half ago and got 32.7 and we got it down to 13 something but within 5 days of having all of our windows open and fans in the windows it went up 5 points... which is extremely upsetting.  So today they came and put the external intake on the A/C and we closed all of the windows and have no fans and it has actually dropped by .2, doesn't seem like much but for us it means the difference between moving homes which we really don't want to do :)

Back in the 90's they tested homes here on base and the homes that were high (in the 200s) had these intakes placed on the units and within 3 months all but 1 home was way below 20. So we are hopeful that ours will go down as well.  For starters we haven't gone up like we have been for the past 5 days and we have our windows closed :)

Another thing that I am doing is looking into getting a Kindle.  Here on the lovely island of Guam my book choices are limited and for me this is NOT a good thing. So I have been looking up eReaders: the Nook and the Kindle.  Not the iPad since I strictly want it for reading books.  I think I have made the choice of the Kindle for a few reasons
1. longer battery life
2. a little cheaper unit
3. the book themselves are cheaper
4. not to interested in touch screen or internet

I strictly want the eReader for reading b/c I have a brand new laptop and an iPhone so the Wi-Fi and 3G does not interest me at all b/c if I'm going on a trip and I need a book I will download it before hand.  I am by no means attached to my electronic devices... they are not the center of my existence like most people.  

I have been selling some of our stuff (on a garage sale site for the Base) that has been setting around or the stuff that did not sell at our garage sale in Oklahoma.  This way it'll in a way be free... even better :) 


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