Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekend(s) Wrap-Up... Again

Yes I know the title, I really do mean to write every week but things come up and I forget!

Last weekend was all about Blake... well I should say Saturday was all about him!!  In the morning we went down to the Big Navy base to go bowling. 

choosing just the right ball

lining it up... and yes he really was
and go!!

Sadly he beat Aaron and I both on the first game.... our first game was a warm up :)

Then we went and had lunch at one of my favorite restaurants we've been to so far... Jeff's Pirate Cove.  Again I had the Gyro plate... so YUM!! 

The view from our table!  Couldn't imagine a better one!!

Then we were off to the last thing for the day.... Underwater World.  I really cool aquarium in Tumon Bay with an underwater tunnel that is over 300 feet long and with additional smaller aquariums.  

Daddy and Blake on our way to the aquarium

 Huge blow fish this picture does not do it justice.  It was like a a foot and half long and 6 inches across.

Same with this guy his mouth was probably 1 ft wide, the hole itself was probably 3-4 ft across!

made me giggle!!

Now for this weekend...

Date day Saturday

I do not have pictures and I will explain :/

A few weeks ago our neighbors had a great idea for all of us to switch off and have date night.  They have 2 boys that are 9 and 4.  Anywho we were first and Aaron took charge and planned our date day.  
On Saturday we took Blake over to their house and we were off.  My list of things to bring included...
comfy clothes
bathing suit
snorkel gear
and nicer clothes

Oh and do NOT bring anything that I don't want stolen... hence why I didn't have my camera.  Parking out in town here is not always safe for items in your car or if left unattended.

Anyways, we went down to Tumon Bay to go snorkeling which was amazing to say the least.  I now want to purchase the Olympus underwater camera Uncle David told me about; website below... it won't let me get the picture?!?!

It will be one of those places that I will take company when and if the times comes :)  There were so many fish and HUGE coral all over the place... very awesome.  After we went to the car & re-parked then walked on the beach for a while.  Then we went back to the car and changed and walked right up the street to a restaurant for dinner... Jamaican Grill.... Ya Mon!!!  It was so good and we both TORE IT UP!!  Needless to say it will be a new restaurant that we will go to and for around here it had great prices :)  Then we drove home and got our little man and it was bed time!

Today hasn't been to eventful, it's raining so we cleaned the house.

For those that read my That's Alot a Gas we are still playing the waiting game.  We turned in a letter to housing and it is being routed through the housing command here on base and hopefully we will hear something this week... if not I am going to have one angry husband!  Aaron also wrote one of the ladies in housing an email with info about his paid grade so that we can get a 3 bedroom.  Here it is... Aaron is an O1-E.  Which means he was prior enlisted but it an O1- officer.  Well Air Force doesnt' recognize the prior enlisted part.  But and E7 (which is what he was before making officer) gets a 3 bedroom minimum (depending on dependence) but now he is an O1-E so higher than the E7 but we have a 2 bedroom... crappy I know.  Another reason we are happy to be apart of the Navy community instead of Air Force.  So will get a reply from that email probably on Monday.  I'll keep ya posted :) 

Till next time...


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